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A w a y   f r o m   i t  a l l  . . .

Notice: WPOA "Members-Only" Login Change

The Password has been changed

If you need help with the Password Please contact Audrey in the Office

From now on, when visiting the Members-Only screens:
You'll see this screen if using Microsoft's Explorer ...

Or, you'll see this screen if using a non-Microsoft explorer ...

On them, you'll enter:

User Name:
... Enter literally "WPOA" (upper-case).
Need Help with Password contact Office
Check the "Remember ..." box
... so you won't be bothered to fill these in again on your next visit, until the WPOA requests a password change.

Each time thereafter, the security box will appear and already be pre-populated with the User/Password you provide, so you'll only have to press "OK" to immediately enter the private area. Think of it as the guard at the gate checking your membership sticker on your windshield before allowing you to proceed in.

So ... If you're ready to enter in the User-Name (given above) and (old) Password as described above to proceed into the Members-Only pages:



(1) This area contains WPOA private contact Addresses, WPOA/Budget/Manager Reports, Board Meeting Minutes, etc.
(2) Once successfully logged in, you won't be prompted to fill-in the password again if you've checked your "Remember" button as instructed above - until the password changes about once-per-year or as advised by the WPOA Board Of Directors.
(3) Passwords are available from Audrey upon verification of member in good-standing.

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